5. Magic seal is suitable for sealing the tea bag.  After taking out appropriate amount of tea leaves for the tea making, you can twist the magic seal to the both side to get rid of the air in the bag and seal the bag at the same time.  It will keep the tea leaves dry damp-proof; it is easy to seal and preserve the tea leaves, and you no longer need to find another clip to seal the bag.  We can print the name and the phone number of the tea shop to achieve advertising purpose.  Since most of the tea shops are using the public version of the tea bags, it is difficult for the customers to distinguish different tea shops.  By printing the name and the phone number of the tea shop on the seal, it will not only aim the quality to the products and is convenient for the customers to use, but it will also achieve advertising purpose.  You can even use different colors to separate different grades of tea leaves.  As a result, different grades of tea leaves can be distinguished at a glance, and it will be easier to sell to the customers as well. 

6. We provide customized design for all ranges of products.  Welcome to contact us for inquiries. 



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