1. All types of Magic tie are applicable to SONY and the latest European environmental norms.  Have SGS inspection reports periodically. 

2. With the end of wire magic machine (sewing machine) Model #3050: The machine is best used for power plug cable (AC CORD) and computer cable to finish the tying work, which can save manpower and increase efficiency.  We also have tying machine to meet actual operational requirements.  Model #1020: is used for the DC plug cable (USB, audio line, handset wiring headset,…, etc.)’s sewing process.  It complements to the portable winding machine for the better result.

3. Model #8406: the high-speed automatic winding and sewing machine.  It can accomplish 720 power cords per minutes, and it has winding plus tying line (tied with magic tie) capacity.  It is called the most effective tool for processing in the industry.  The product has exported to Germany, Canada,…, and it has remarkable efficiency and great reputation. 

4. We can design the model according to the clients’

demand for the customized automatic production.


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