1Q: How to use the tea bag seal?


A: Affix the back of the tea bag seal (with plastic pad) to approximately 5mm to the opening line of the tea bag.  After the consumers open the bag and take out the tea, seal the bag with a simple sealing action immediately to prevent the tea from knocking out and to block the air for damp-proof.  According to the amount of the tea in the bag, you can also seal the bag to the appropriate position, with both ends folding back to each other for the sealing purpose; based on the tea bag print are usually “public version.”

        2Q: Can you manufacture the products according to the sample we provide?
A:We welcome clients to provide sample.  We will draw a design to your satisfaction.
        3Q:How come the magic tie we bought that the wire exposes to both ends?

A: It happens usually when the material of the product is thinner, with bad quality, and misses several production processes; a company can be sued for causing injury to the users.  A regular wire product is well packed with rubber and should not have wire exposes to both ends. 

        4Q:Can we print our company’s logo on the magic tie?
A:  Yes. Please provide the pattern or sample for reference purpose.
        5Q:  Is there any assessment report for the sewing machine and the manual operation?
A:Yes. We will have our commissioner to visit your company for the report if necessary.
        6Q: What is the magic twister?

A:The twister contains a 300M magic tie, and you can put it on the desk or hang on the wall.  It also contains a bomb-type cutter, and with a finger pressing the cutter, the tie can be cut off according to the length you need.






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